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The art and practice of self development can be as unique as you are.  I weave a background in integrative psychology and coaching to work in ways that makes sense for you.  Integrative mind-body work is a powerful healing tool:  It can quickly reach parts within us that talk therapy and coaching alone may not.  Holistic approaches focus on our mind, our physical and emotional body, and our spirit so a deeper integration is possible. 

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I work with leaders, businesses and
teams using a creative approach to create action-oriented change

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Guided MeditationS

Monica’s Meditation as Medicine series helps you to experience positive inner states regardless of circumstances.

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Explore how the integration of body, mind, emotions, and spirit can
impact your well-being. 

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Join Me in a Revolution
of Well-being
– One where everyone listens to the inherent wisdom of their body. 

Enough whole, happy and vital individuals create vibrant healing communities. This vision gets me out of bed in the morning! 
That’s why I am harnessing my 30+ years of experience developing human potential to launch my new international video coaching business.  

Monica’s workshop helped me to become the captain of my life!

I learned a deep truth about the hidden wisdom of my body in Monica Elden’s training.
When I was a doctor in the ICU, my body was on constant high alert. I pushed myself too hard and cared for patients more than myself. As a result of the workshop, I found the courage to make changes: I combine my life long passion for flying with my experience in acute emergency care. I fly to remote locations and lead a specialty team to treat and transport patients. Learning to listen to my body allowed me to follow my dreams!
— Koert Jan schonewille Former ICU Doctor, Current Aeromedical retrieval doctor Australia

Are you ready to awaken your wisdom AND LISTEN DEEPLY TO YOURSELF? 
If yes, then call for your free initial consultation.

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